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Canadian Disposal offers a wide range of services to suit all your waste management needs. From residential to commercial or industrial jobs, we’ll get the job done quickly and professionally, from start to finish. We put a strong emphasis on providing outstanding service to all our customers. From quick delivery to a thorough cleanup, we make your waste management job stress-free. Canadian Disposal offers the following professional services:

Bin Rental 

We deliver roll-off bin rentals to a wide range of customers, from residential to commercial and industrial. We’ll drop it off whenever you need it, and pick it up as soon as you’re done. By placing the bin on wooden slats and cleaning up after it’s gone, we make your waste management job a breeze. Our residential customers use their bin rentals for a variety of jobs, from cleaning out the garage to removing dirt or concrete. Seasonal bin or dumpster rentals are also common, including bins for removing leaves in the fall or for removing dirt to build an in-ground pool in the summer. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure you get the bin you need for a commercial or industrial project when you want it. We’re well equipped to meet the demands of large-scale projects requiring multiple bin deliveries and removals daily. Visit our bin rental page to view our wide selection.

Equipment Transport

What makes Canadian Disposal different is that unlike most of the competition, we offer equipment transport services in addition to bin rentals and waste management. Our ability to transport equipment to and from job sites positions Canadian Disposal as a one-stop shop for all your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. Renting everything you need from the same place will save you time and money. From renting skid steers to excavators – we’ve got it all. We’ll deliver your equipment and bin rental at the same time, and pick everything up as soon as you’re done. It’s as easy as that.

Waste Management

Our reliable waste disposal service can meet the demands of any project, from a small home renovation to a heavy-duty building demolition. For residential projects, our waste removal or dumpster rental service is often used to dispose of waste materials generated during home renovation projects. Whether you’re a weekend-warrior on a mission to clean out the garage or just looking to rent a dumpster for a home renovation, we’ll make the job stress-free. For commercial and industrial projects, Canadian Disposal is well-equipped to remove waste materials in a fast, efficient manner to keep the operation running smoothly. With our flat bed and equipment float service, we’re prepared to do the heavy lifting you need to complete your project on time. We’re committed to sustainable environmental practices including recycling. From cardboard to dirt, manure, wood, plastic, concrete, or steel, we recycle whenever we can.